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Which Facebook Apps Are Most Secure?

Experts rate these programs on privacy standards

Monday, April 23, 2012
Which Facebook Apps Are Most Secure?These days, millions of consumers use programs on their favorite social networking platform known as Apps, but as with similar programs on smartphones, experts have expressed concerns over how secure these apps may be.

The research firm PrivacyChoice recently conducted a study of the most popular Facebook apps to determine how secure user data was when using them, and found that millions of people may be putting themselves at some amount of risk when doing so, according to a report from USA Today. In all, the company looked at the 200 most popular apps, and found that among the best-known, the game Angry Birds was least secure, with a score of 65 out of 100. Anything below 70 was considered "least protective."

"This certainly is going to be a useful tool for consumers, but it may actually be even more useful in pushing application developers, who don't like getting poor grades, to look more closely at their own privacy practices," says Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum, told the newspaper.

Eduard Goodman, chief privacy officer for Identity Theft 911, writes regularly about the privacy concerns consumers face online.

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