Protecting your medical info, just what the doctor ordered

CyberScout Newsletter | September 2011

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this issue: More medical professionals are using electronic health records—but are they secure? The prognosis is grim, according to our chief privacy officer. A guest data risk expert shares tips on how businesses can protect their customers’ health data. A Michigan woman is billed for an identity thief’s pricey procedure. With hurricane season upon us, our experts share tips on how to protect your identity before and after a disaster. Plus, learn about our charity work with foster children.

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Podcast: Thief Gets Heart Surgery on Michigan Mom's Dime Fraud on a wire

One customer recounts her harrowing experience with medical identity theft when a thief racked up more than $180,000 in her name to have open-heart surgery. Find out and how a CyberScout fraud investigator saved her time, money and helped restore her good credit.

Will the Move to Electronic Health Records Make Privacy and Security Flatline?

Medical records are going digital to be more accessible, portable and cost-effective. But securing this information is a big concern. In the wrong hands, health data could be used to inflate insurance rates, deny work to job seekers, or for public humiliation.

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CyberScout Goes to Back to School to Help Foster Kids

School is cool for foster children who attended a summer immersion program to prepare them for college. Our experts gave a class on child identity theft—and were reminded that giving really is a privilege.

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Ask the Expert Ask the Expert

Does your business handle sensitive electronic health data? Guest expert Paul Paray, a data risk expert and commercial litigator with Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, shares tips on how to protect your customers’ data.

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