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CyberScout Newsletter | April 2012

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this issue, learn about your rights when your identity is stolen with tips from our expert. Also, do applicants really have to give prospective employers and colleges their Facebook passwords? Learn the surprising top causes of data breaches. And find out how Visa and MasterCard customers can protect their data from the Global Payments Inc. breach.   


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Ask the Expert: What Are My Rights If I’m a Victim of Identity Theft?   

Having your identity stolen can make you feel powerless and confused. It’s important to remember that fraud victims have rights, too. Here are your legal protections. 

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Infographic: A Social Networking  
Bill of Rights 

What happens when a prospective employer or college asks for access to your Facebook profile to get to know you better?’s infographic explains the issues and outlines your rights..

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Slideshow: Top 3 Causes of       
Data Breaches

Does your company follow practices that can lead to data loss? Learn the surprising main causes of data breaches and read our expert tips to protect your company’s data..

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How Military Families Can Protect
Their Identities 

Find out how identity thieves target our military personnel and how servicemembers can mitigate the risks.

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